2023 Porsche Panamera 4 Reviews – What About Features And Specifications?

The 2023 Porsche Panamera 4 is an all-new luxury sedan designed to satisfy every type of driver, from luxury lovers to first timers. It is also an impressively high-performing model, with an array of advanced features and technology to enhance both performance and comfort.


The Porsche Panamera is a four-door, luxury sports sedan with a sporty hatchback configuration and a variety of features that are designed to make your life easier. Whether you are looking for a car to take your kids on a road trip or simply to impress your friends, you can find everything you need in the new Porsche. The Epitome of Driving Pleasure: Dive into the World of 2023 Porsche Panamera 4 Models in Miami

Compared to the old model, the new Panamera is about 35 mm longer. While the engine has not changed, the chassis has been upgraded. In fact, the braking system has been strengthened to improve safety. It is also equipped with adaptive air suspension and three-chamber technology.

As for the interior, the dashboard is flat, making it easy to navigate. A 12.3-inch center touchscreen offers real-time traffic data. Additionally, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available for those who want to use smartphone apps on the go.

Despite its size, the Panamera has a spacious cabin. This includes 17.6 cubic feet of space behind the back seats. If you need more room, the rear seats split, allowing you to carry long items with ease.

Popular Features

Porsche Panamera is a sporty four-door hatchback that is designed for both style and practicality. It has plenty of space, a sporty driving experience, and leading-edge safety technology.

The Panamera is available with a choice of three powertrains, including an all-wheel-drive version. Porsche’s InnoDrive technology helps to make the car more efficient, while active suspension optimizes the way it drives.

If you want more power, you can upgrade to the Sport Turismo model. This has a more powerful engine, better handling, and a sporty feel. Its redesigned interior offers a variety of assistance systems for the driver, such as Traffic Sign Recognition, Lane Keep Assist, and a rear-view camera.

Porsche’s center infotainment screen is large. There’s also a Wi-Fi hotspot. Plus, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are compatible. And, you can get a BOSE (r) Surround Sound System with 14 speakers.

For 2023, Porsche is adding Adaptive Cruise Control and lane-keeping assist as standard. You can also opt for ParkAssist with Rear View Camera. Alternatively, you can choose the premium Package, which includes a Bose sound system, heated rear seats, and a head-up display.

Design And Performance

Porsche Panamera has been a leading luxury sedan for over a decade. It was the first executive sports car to be offered by a German automaker. This vehicle was designed with a sleek, muscular body and taut roof line.

Porsche has continued to develop this popular model and add new technology. The 2023 Panamera is more sophisticated and includes a host of safety features. In addition to ParkAssist, the Panamera will be equipped with adaptive cruise control and adaptive air suspension. These safety systems will also enhance the driving experience.

In order to improve the ride and handling of the Porsche Panamera, the manufacturer has introduced an Adaptive Air Suspension with three-chamber technology. As a result, it has become more responsive and comfortable.

The Panamera has a luxuriant interior and a high-tech infotainment system. There’s plenty of space for four passengers. A 12.3-inch touchscreen displays navigation data. It also includes Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Wi-Fi.

The center console panel has a piano-black finish and icons. It has haptic inputs and uses tiny type words to display relevant vehicle information.

Exterior and Interior

If you’re looking for a sports sedan that can seat four people, the Porsche Panamera is one of the best options on the market. It’s packed with advanced driver assistive technology and offers a comfortable ride.

The Panamera is available in both sedan and hatchback styles. Both body styles can be configured with either a regular or extended wheelbase.

In the sedan, the front seats are flat and offer good visibility. The cabin is spacious and features a well-finished interior. You can customize the Panamera’s interior as you please.

2023 Porsche Panamera Exterior and Interior

There are three different trim levels, including Sport Turismo, Executive, and Platinum Edition. All of these models feature a variety of standard safety technologies, such as lane-keeping and adaptive cruise control. They also include a reversing camera.

The Platinum Edition model comes with a unique taillight and a high gloss finish. It is also equipped with black sports tailpipes.

This Porsche’s standard four-wheel drive system is designed to improve stability, while the adaptive damping suspension helps keep the vehicle from shaking in tight corners. Additionally, it features a sportier appearance with a lower front overhang and a long hood.

Consumption and Emissions

Porsche Panamera 4 is a four-door sports sedan that features an advanced electric-hybrid powertrain. With its powerful electric motor and V6 biturbo engine, the new model is extremely fast. It can accelerate from standstill to 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds.

The Panamera 4 E-Hybrid is fitted with a 2.9-litre, 243 kW electric motor. Its fuel consumption is 2.5 l/100 km in the New European Driving Cycle.

It is also possible to drive the Panamera in pure electric mode. This mode charges the high-voltage battery with a 7.2 kW on-board charger. After charging, the Panamera can operate in pure electric mode for up to 2 km.

Its maximum system torque is 750 Nm. This results in a top speed of 280 km/h. When it is used as an all-electric vehicle, the Panamera 4S E-Hybrid can travel up to 165 km/h.

In terms of energy utilisation, the Panamera 4S E-Hybrid has optimised cells and driving modes. In addition, it has increased the battery capacity by 30%, from 14.1 to 17.9 kWh.

Aside from the four all-wheel-drive models, the Panamera line also offers a diesel version.

Engine and Transmission

Porsche Panamera has a full range of variants with a number of different engines. The base model is powered by a 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V-6, which produces 325 horsepower. If you’re looking for more power, you can opt for a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged unit that puts out 620 horsepower.

Other features include an eight-speed dual clutch transmission and Porsche Active Suspension Management. This helps the chassis maintain a sporty ride. The Panamera also has rear-axle steering.

For a sportier experience, you can opt for the Sport Chrono Package. It gives the engine a more aggressive boost, which is reflected in faster acceleration times.

2023 porsche panamera Engine and Transmission

You can also opt for a 4.0-liter V-8 if you’re after more horsepower. Alternatively, you can choose a hybrid model. With this, you’ll get 17 miles of electric range.

Aside from the impressive array of standard features, you can even customize the cabin to your liking. With the Sport Turismo model, you’ll have extra cargo space. In addition, you’ll enjoy a variety of assistance systems.

The 2023 Porsche Panamera has an advanced airbag safety system. Adaptive cruise control and park assist are also available.

Complet Review- 2023 Porsche Panamera 4

Porsche’s Panamera is a four-door sports sedan with the same thrilling drive as the Porsche 911. It offers ample room for four passengers, but it’s also capable of accommodating up to five. The 2023 model is expected to be available starting at around $90,000 MSRP.

This full-size luxury car is available in three body styles, each with unique features. A standard sedan has a hatchback trunk, while a Sport Turismo version has a wagon-like profile. Each model offers its own set of technology and driving aids.

Adaptive damping suspension helps the vehicle handle various road conditions. The Panamera can also be equipped with a rear-axle steering system, a three-chamber air suspension, and adaptive braking.

The standard 2.9-litre twin-turbocharged V6 delivers 325 horsepower and a 0-60 time of 5.3 seconds. Those seeking a little extra power can opt for the Turbo 4S, which offers 620 horsepower. In addition, a Sport Chrono package adds a Sport Plus setting with launch control.

The Panamera can also be equipped to drive on electric power. This electrified powertrain provides instant torque and a near-silent ride.

Final Thought

Porsche has a new four-door sports sedan in its lineup. The Panamera is a more traditional car than the Cayenne, but it still offers a variety of performance options.

There is also a plug-in hybrid option. The engines in the Panamera have been revised, and will meet Euro 7 emissions regulations. A larger battery pack will be standard on these models. New software will allow faster charging rates.

In addition to the Panamera’s new powertrains, there are a number of safety features. For example, the standard adaptive cruise control can maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. It can also perform automatic emergency braking.

Interestingly, the brakes on the Panamera are relatively predictable and precise. However, they become less accurate when driving aggressively.

On the interior side, the Panamera has a spacious and well-equipped cockpit. There is an upward-sloping center console and touch-sensitive controls. But the infotainment system is somewhat confusing and hard to use.

The Panamera is available in Standard, Sport Plus, and Turbo trims. The standard engine is a 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 with 325 horsepower. An optional turbo V-6 with iron brakes offers more grunt.

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